Incorporating art into wellness.

We bring mental health issues to the forefront using creative outlets as expression. We appreciate how dancing, writing, painting and even cooking can unleash our innermost emotions. These alternative coping strategies promote relaxation and positive brain activity. Our goal is to connect the bridge between mental well-being and creativity. We educate the community on what those struggling with anxiety, depression or bi-polar disorder go through with the hopes of creating a sense of understanding. We utilize creative outlets as a platform to raise awareness! 

Our Mission:

Creative Mental Health Awareness Initiative is a 501(c)3 organization working to promote and educate the importance of mental health to our community, through the use of artistic expressions. We work to spread a message of hope to the suffering. We showcase different avenues of the arts in association to wellness. We educate the community on alternative strategies to achieving wellness through workshops, support groups, and events.

Stigma erodes confidence that mental illnesses are real, treatable health conditions.
— Unknown