What is Mental Health?

Mental Health can be described as a person's well-being both psychologically and emotionally. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five adults will experience some form of mental illness each year. Mental health is not limited to medically diagnosed disorders. Mental health could mean our choices, the way we manage stress or even our relaxation habits. 

What is the stigma around mental health?

Unfortunately, the taboo surrounding mental health in general causes a tremendous amount of apprehension when considering acknowledgement. The media labels such individuals as crazy or dangerous. Many jobs, schools and social clubs will discriminate against individuals with certain disorders; prohibiting them from living fulfilling lives. We at Creative Mental Health Awareness Initiative want to not only educate the community on what mental health is, but also normalizing a taboo topic by giving empowerment to those suffering.


What are the most common mental health related disorders?

Anxiety is the most prevalent disorder and it affects over 18.1% of the population. Over 6.8 million adults suffer from GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder while only 43.2% are receiving treatment.

Many other common disorders include:

Mental Health Statistics for Mecklenburg County and North Carolina

Provided by the 2016 State of the County Health Report